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Under the Same Roof

Designed by :
MUI Kui Chuen, Paul
LEE Chiu Ming, Benny
HUNG Oi Kee, Agnes


Origin : Hong Kong

Key Features:

  • Idea - Macau, Hong Kong and China as a family - “under the same roof”;

  • Roofscape - creating an interesting indoor space and outdoor landscape;

  • 2 comfortable courtyards as meeting points for greet, meet, reunion and farewell;

  • “Algae Tubes” in roof release oxygen to drop off area to relief traffic pollution

  • Multi-purpose canopy - shading for sunlight/ rain, allows natural ventilation, reducing “heat island” effect;

  • Winter garden improves air quality and regulate climate.



A Crossing beyond Boundaries

Designed by :
CHAN Kin Kwok, Stephen
NG Man Hoi, Simon
WONG Chin Keung, Christopher


Origin : Hong Kong

Key Features:

  • Idea - elimination of barriers in the building and brings people together;

  • Elegant design and well-balanced scheme solving many practical issues;

  • Skylights provides natural day lighting;

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels on the roof generate electricity;

  • Natural ventilation via operable glass stripes on the roof and stack effect through the full height atrium.




In-between Fingers,
In-between Link

Designed by :
CHAN Lam Wai, Kevin
LEE Hok Man, Louis
WONG Lei Man, Lawrence
WANG Jerry
PUN Ka Chun
CHAU Kei Yun, Athena


Origin : Hong Kong

Key Features:

  • Idea - dynamic flow of footbridge interweaving the landscape and passageway between buildings;

  • The most well developed scheme creates a perceptive symbolic meaning in the facilities, and an interesting internal spatial quality;

  • Maximize usage of daylight/ passive cooling – canopy allows low winter sun and block high summer sun;

  • Other sustainable elements include: Photovoltaic panels on the roof, seawater cooling air-conditioning, rainwater harvesting system and plantings inside the buildings.




Bauhinia Garden

Designed by :
Adham Selim


Origin : Egypt


Key Features:

  • Idea – a pentagon form device symbolizes the image of bauhinia blakeana, the floral emblem of Hong Kong;

  • Simplistic and straight-forward approach, with interesting form of the buildings;

  • A pentagon form sustainable device integrated shading device, rainwater collector and thin-film photovoltaic panel;

  • Provide plenty amount of planting on the island.




The Channel

Designed by :
QUE Zhenqing
LI Hua

Origin : USA


Key Features:

  • Idea – rooted from a sketch of boarding line - linear form of the building creates unity and free architectural form;

  • A rational, modern and explicit proposal with practical and economical design;

  • Tree matrix at the queuing area - as “air-conditioner” to improve air quality and reduce “heat island” effect;

  • Storm water management system - clean up the polluted runoff by various native wet plants species.