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Designed by :
CHEN Siming
LIN Xincheng
WU Liang
HE Yuxin
YANG Yimin


Origin: China

Key Features:

  • Idea - Undulating wavy free form blends with the coastline;

  • Distinctive functionality, explicit but dynamic design;

  • Free up spaces creates a dynamic spatial experience via vehicular clearance plaza is built underground;

  • Allows natural sunlight and sky view via separating the arrival and departure halls.



Ephemeral Roof Exchange

Designed by :
MA Tze Chung, Steven
FOK Wei Yue, Wendy


Origin: Austria

Key Features:

  • Idea - Roof form represents the trilateral relationship between the borders of Hong Kong, Macao, and Zhuhai - 3-points concept;

  • Outstanding building form and design;

  • 3 sustainable devices - 3-points concept

    1. Solar photovoltaic louvers as energy roof system

    2. Hydro-collective system as evaporative cooling system

    3. Piezoelectric system transform sound and vibration energy from passing vehicles



Hong Kong Signature

Designed by :
PEEK Floris
VAN DER MEER, Alexander

Origin: Netherlands

Key Features:

  • Idea - A fluid space that ‘floats’ between sea, sky and mountains;

  • A remarkable ‘signature’ for Hong Kong;

  • Fluent transition that creates a positive, memorable and spectacular border crossing experience;

  • Reduced to its essence: an efficient and lean border-crossing machine with a minimal physical impact on the local ecosystem;

  • A green roof landscape creates a public space for the people to use and cherish;

  • Toxic car exhaust fumes are filtered through the soil of the green roof landscape.



Rose Window – Sun Clock

Designed by :
KOJUEV Vitaliy


Origin : Russia

Key Features:

  • Idea - Turn border crossing experience into relaxing experience through changing color of interior;

  • Simple and achievable idea with a strong design theme;

  • Using the special polarized glasses in the skylight to create color changing interior by sunlight.



Urban Synthesis

Designed by :
LAM Cheuk Wang

Origin: Hong Kong

Key Features:

  • Idea - Transforming the possible air pollution problem into a positive energy device;

  • May not be practical, but an interesting idea;

  • Leaf like green canopy covering border crossing facilities

    1. Greens transforming polluted air to oxygen

    2. Convert wind and sunlight to energy via wind turbines and Photovoltaic panels